Yaddly Marketing Agency, one of the brands of Future Group Translation Services and a renowned player in the digital marketing industry, approached us with a challenge. They were working on some high-profile clients campaigns for new products launch and needed top-notch promotional materials. They were seeking FG Studio’s promo creation, 2D motion, voice-over services, and graphics creation services.

Their goal was to create visually engaging content that would captivate the audience, convey the product’s unique features, and generate excitement. Meanwhile, the campaigns had a strict launch date, necessitating a rapid turnaround for all deliverables and the client demanded high creativity and a visually stunning promotional video.

Our Success Journey

FG Studio provided Yaddly with comprehensive promo creation services, encompassing scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, and post-production. This ensured a seamless and captivating promotional video. Leveraging our expertise in 2D motion graphics, we added dynamic visual elements that enhanced the video’s appeal and storytelling. Additionally, we enlisted the talents of professional voice-over artists to lend a captivating and persuasive voice to the video’s narrative. Our graphic designers crafted bespoke visuals and infographics that clarified complex product features, making them more accessible to the audience.

The result was on-time delivery, significant engagement that exceeded the client’s expectations, and increased conversion shown in a notable increase in product inquiries and conversions, showcasing the effectiveness of the promotional materials we provided.




Video Production


February, 2023