Locademy, a forward-thinking educational platform under Future Group Translation Services, aimed to diversify its offerings by expanding into the world of online courses. They sought to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment by collaborating with us. Our task was to provide end-to-end support in course creation, including recruiting course makers, video editing, video subtitling, montage, and video shooting services.

FG Studio had to ensure consistently high-quality course content across various subjects and disciplines, which was a significant challenge. In addition, meeting the needs of a diverse, global audience required accurate and accessible subtitles, which was another challenge.

Our Success Journey

FG Studio selected and onboarded course makers who were experts in their subjects, ensuring the courses’ educational value. We had conducted professional video shoots to capture high-quality course content before our video editors meticulously refined it, ensuring clarity and engaging visuals. Afterwards, multilingual subtitles were added accurately, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for a global audience. Then, dynamic montages were seamlessly integrated into the course videos to enhance the learning experience.

The result was high-quality courses that were well-received for their educational quality and engaging content. Multilingual subtitles helped expand Locademy’s reach, attracting a diverse, global audience, while dynamic montages and engaging video content improved course engagement and completion rates.




Video Production


February, 2023