Ibn Sina Training Academy, a distinguished educational institution under the umbrella of Future Group Translation Services, was on a mission to enhance its online course offerings. They recognized the need for expertly crafted, engaging, and accessible course content to cater to their diverse audience. To achieve this goal, they engaged FG Studio’s services in recruiting course makers, video editing, video subtitling, montage creation, and video shooting.

Ibn Sina firmly emphasized the significance of upholding the utmost standards of educational excellence across various subjects and disciplines, ensuring that courses remained accessible to a diverse, multilingual audience, encompassing multiple languages and backgrounds.

Our Success Journey

FG Studio meticulously curated and welcomed course creators who possessed expertise in their respective domains, guaranteeing the educational integrity of the courses. After conducting the professional video shoots to capture course content of the highest quality, with a keen emphasis on both visual appeal and educational value, our video editors refined the course videos, enhancing both clarity and engagement. We included precise multilingual subtitles to ensure the courses were accessible and inclusive for all, and then seamlessly incorporated dynamic montages into the course videos, elevating the overall learning experience.

The result was that Ibn Sina Training Academy’s courses received acclaim for their educational excellence and engaging content. At the same time, multilingual subtitles expanded the academy’s reach, and dynamic montages and engaging video content significantly improved course engagement and completion rates.


Ibn Sina Training Academy 


eLearning solutions - Course design


August, 2022